AMT Events is being discontinued
on Edfinity

What is happening?
Since 2014, the Edfinity platform has powered the AMC and CAT competitions, and hosted the successful GetSet preparatory courses. Effective August 2018, having failed to come to a contractual agreement with the Australian Mathematics Trust, Edfinity will no longer be providing these services for the AMT.
Can I still access my GetSet courses?
Yes. Edfinity, without assistance by the AMT, will bear all costs and keep this site up and will honor all existing course subscriptions until they expire. We will assist in transitioning existing users to our main site, and encourage you to browse the many courses available today at
Do you have future plans?
Yes! We are fiercely committed to the creation and dissemination of non-proprietary, open educational resources (OER) educational content. We will continue to pursue our vision of delivering affordable access to exceptional learning experiences, open educational resources (non-proprietary problems and questions), interactive content, and access to a sophisticated problem repository and assessment platform for use in the classroom. Furthermore, we will look to offer free access to sophisticated academic challenges with meaningful ties to the classroom.

Thank you for your patience and for using our site. We'll reach out with more details as they develop. For more information and/or assistance, please contact us at
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