A Note to Educators From Mike Clapper

For nearly four decades now, the Australian Mathematics Trust has helped nurture young minds in their understanding of mathematics to realize their intellectual potential. The Australian Mathematics Competition, is now in its 40th year and draws participation from hundreds of thousands of students from across the globe and is both an enabler of mathematical thinking and a material milestone for students of all levels.

GetSet AMC continues the Trust’s tradition of influencing mathematical thinking by using technology to offer ‘bite-size’ problem-solving courses in a format suited to the modern student. The GetSet bouquet of courses consists of problem sets that have been meticulously compiled using hand-picked problems that provide rigorous exposure to and training in key mathematical concepts. The composition of the courses coupled with the flexibility afforded by the underlying technology, seek to provide every student with an individualized learning experience at the student’s pace, regardless of the student’s skill levels. In keeping with the AMT’s values and ethos, the courses are priced to be within reach of all students.

Although, these courses would be invaluable as a preparatory tool for the Australian Mathematics Competition, I would also point out in conclusion that the problem-solving skills fostered by the competition are in general critical to success in both higher studies and subsequent professional pursuits. Thus the value of GetSet AMC extends well beyond preparation for a maths competition.

I therefore urge you to bring this unique offering to the attention of all your students and encourage them to make the most of it.

Mike Clapper
Chief Mathematician
Australian Mathematics Trust

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